With Grace & Gratitude ~ Water Blessings 2020

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On November 1 dozens of participants came together in the virtual stream for a global Water Blessing. From the Pacific Ocean to the Nile River, each participant moved in resonance with a cherished body of water.

While we were geographically dispersed, our collective practice unified us as we slipped magically into the guiding currents of water’s elemental nature.

The poetry of Judi Bachrach and Beth Riley, included in this newsletter for you to absorb, invited us to explore water’s multitude of qualities. Musician Cory Blake bathed us in glorious live music so that we might “move like water.”

We welcome you to immerse in the photographs, quotes, and videos from this culminating Water Blessing event, along with all the Water Blessings of 2020 – our year dedicated to learning from water. A special thank you to all who attended on November 1 and to the myriad contributions documenting Water Blessings worldwide.

I wish you well as you surge, drift, bubble, melt, and more…


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