Watermarkings Curtain Talk

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Elaine Colandrea shares her passion for Continuum and Watermark Arts with this informal “curtain talk”. It was recorded at Watermark Arts’ program “Watermarkings...” held in May 2018 at Holly & Bill Mensching’s beautiful barn in New Canaan, CT.

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“Watermarkings” Curtain Talk (video transcript):

Continuum is not religion, there’s nothing dogmatic about. It’s a biological awareness practice based on a really simple reality. We are fluid-filled, we are part of a fluid-filled world, and the ways of water have a lot to teach us about wholeness and interconnection, about life-sustaining qualities. So in the practice of Continuum we’re always embodying the ways of water, learning from water. Hence, Watermark Arts. The name came in a dream, and Watermark Arts represents artists whose work is informed by somatic practice.  It’s my belief, I don’t know about you, I’m not happy with the world the way it is. I mean are you? I’m just not happy. And I figured while I’m here, could I in some subversive way, change the world? And I decided it was through art, because you can slip under the radar. So, I believe that all the concepts that we cultivate in Continuum about fluidity, adaptability, wholeness, interconnection are embedded in the creations that you see. And so it’s my hope that we’re transmitting to you a different way of being […] – one where people move through life with more than awareness of all the ways we impact each other with every single thing.