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This is a time in history characterized by speed, sound bites, and short attention spans.

The Journal counteracts all of those trends by presenting writing and art that invite extended, in-depth exploration of the fresh and vital waters where the stream of somatic movement mingles with that of aesthetic awakening.

I hope to pique your desire for slowing down, and absorbing the Journal as a whole, so you may feel whole in yourself.

When possible, the Watermark Arts Journal articles will be translated into other languages.

With gratitude for the incredible gift of your attention, and for your interest in the power of somatically-informed art to move the world,

Elaine Colandrea, on behalf of the Watermarks Art Creative Team

Image: Cosmobeing by Prue Jeffries

Latest Edition: Volume II. Continuum & Creativity

Featuring Poetry, Art & Interviews from Watermark Arts.

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First Edition: Volume I. The Artistry of Water

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Water is the medium from which life emerged. It is a mysterious substance that resolves the illusion that intangible and tangible are separate realities. Water is paradoxical: in one moment it becomes a boundary, in the next it melts into infinity. 
~ Prue Jeffries,  The Artistry of Water