The Watermark Arts Journal Collection in Print!

The Watermark Arts Journals present writing and art that invite extended, in depth exploration of the fresh and vital waters where the stream of somatic movement mingles with that of aesthetic awakening.

The four Journals now in print give you the opportunity to absorb the articles, images, and poetry at your leisure, and repeatedly over time.

Full of somatic wisdom, the Journals will be an important resource in your library and an attractive addition to your coffee table.

Single editions, or all four combined, are great gifts to inspire others to understand the artistry of Continuum infused with sensory rich expression.


Here is Continuum mover Maryanne Gallagher's enthusiastic response to the print Journals

"When the Watermark Journal articles came out online I found them interesting. Today, holding the book in my hands, pages filled with insightful ideas and beautiful images, I am amazed, engaged, delighted and my appreciation for the concepts shared in the articles is deepened. 

The Watermark Arts team has outdone themselves!"

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Available now as a contribution to the Watermark Arts Fund. 

The Artistry of Water with Prue Jeffries and Elaine Colandrea

Continuum & Creativity featuring Beth Pettengill Riley

The Creativity of Health with Bonnie Gintis, D.O. and Elisabeth Osgood-Campbell

WaterSense featuring My Body, The Wetland by Elaine Colandrea

Single issues: $20 includes shipping in contiguous US (please designate issues by title)

Special Introductory Offer - all four Journal Issues: $65 includes shipping in contiguous US

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