Watermark Arts dedicates 2020 to honoring water 

Join the Water Blessing Project!

You are invited into the living art experience ~ the felt sense of becoming water ~ by participating in the Water Blessing Project.

Create a resonant field of connection with others and with the waterways of the planet.

The Water Blessing Project is an invocation to water and to self-inquiry in service to the whole of existence.

We invite Water Blessings to be collectively shared around the world through performance and individual movement meditation practice.

How can you participate?

1. View the instructional Water Blessing video. (7 min)

2. Begin a personal Water Blessing practice.  Click here for full practice.

3. Create Water Blessing event with your community.

4. Document your experience of honoring and learning from water with writing, images or video.

5. Contact Elaine at info@watermarkarts.org to let us know how you are participating in the Water Blessing Project.

First Inaugural Water Blessing Performance

The first inaugural Water Blessing was performed at the Sanctuary at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York during the Somatic Movement Summit: The Creativity of Health in July 2019. Please enjoy this short film of the Water Blessing and then watch the Water Blessing Instructional Video below. Partner with water in the Water Blessing 2020 Project.

Water Blessing 2020 Instructional Video

Please view this Water Blessing Instructional Video below and then also download the written instructions provided below in PDF or DOC format.

Water Blessing 2020 Instructions for a Continuum Practice.

Water Blessing Instuctions in DOC

Water Blessing Instructions in PDF


                                                                                         Water Blessing will be on Zoom



Water Blessings are scheduled for Italy, Europe, North America,
and other locations.

The Watermark Arts 2020 Journal will be dedicated to documenting the world-wide experience of honoring water through living art.

Partner with water in this significant inquiry and timely dance.

Contact Elaine at info@watermark-arts.org with your interest
in the Water Blessing Project.