Water Blessing

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Inaugural Water Blessing dance at the Omega Institute, Rhinebeck NY, July 4, 2019. ( 4 min.)

Conceived by Elaine Colandrea, original music by Morena Boschetto, filmed and edited by Prue Jeffries.

Performed by Bea Ehrsam, Nicole Faustini, Melanie Gambino, Lauren Grady, Lila Greene, Meredith Johnson, Elisabeth Osgood-Campbell, Rori Smith & Kori Tolbert.

Watermark Arts dedicates 2020 to the Water Blessing Project.

Contact Elaine at info@watermarkarts.org to learn how to participate.

Water Blessing Instructional Video: vimeo.com/369923148

Written Continuum Water Blessing Instructions: watermarkarts.org/water-blessing-project/