Unveiling Continuum, with Elaine Colandrea

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“I don’t know how to define what a ‘life force’ is, but I know when I feel really alive.” – Elaine Colandrea (4 min.)

In words and movement, Elaine Colandrea on how Continuum helps her “meet the moment to moment unfolding of life,” an essential skill for meeting the challenges of life in this fast paced, often overwhelming, world of options. Continuum develops “inner authority” by connecting with the most primary level of knowledge – the sensory systems. Includes demo of the life force itself in motion after preparing with a breathing and sounding preparation – this movement expression is unique to each person, each time – and a source of renewal.


Unveiling Continuum (video transcript):

We live in a time where you can google, you can look up anything. What I feel is missing is something that can be found in somatic practice. Because in somatic practice what we’re really doing is, we’re googling ourselves in the practice of Continuum. I drop into the most primary level of awareness, my senses, my breathing.

I think when most of us think about our inner world, we think about the cognitive mind, the way we think, the actions of the neocortex. This is a later evolutionary development. Before that was the limbic system, our emotional world. But somatic practice takes us into a deeper, more ancient system of knowing, developing inner awareness, an inner authority, a trust, a confidence in how to meet the moment to moment unfolding of life.

In Continuum there are breath, sound and movement guidelines, we call them explorations. Within the exploration each person is listening deeply into themselves to that whole inner sensory world, and shaping their movement, their experience within the guidelines. So, each person is on their own journey, their own journey of discovery, their own journey of the life force itself unfolding. Not in service to the actions of survival which are necessary and wonderful. But as a way of really resourcing, reviving, refreshing oneself. I don’t know how to define what a life force is, but I know when I feel really alive.

Continuum brings me to a place of understanding my true nature, which is the mirror of nature all around me. What happens when more people experience the sense of wholeness and interconnection? What is the impact on our cultural evolution? What kind of culture can we create from people who are somatically aware?

If you’re interested in learning how to regulate yourself so that you can move through this extraordinary fast pace – fascinating but sometimes overwhelming – world with trust in yourself with a sense of your own ground, and the wholeness of your whole being, you might consider joining me and an amazing faculty of Continuum teachers this summer at Omega for the Somatic Movement Summit.