Treasures: Past, present and future

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From the new Watermark Arts newsletter:

Moving beyond pandemic fatigue by deepening engagement with living art processes is our inquiry of the moment. We offer you past, present and future treasures from our endeavors to support you as you move with what is.

Feeling a sense of belonging is nourishing.  Belonging = longing to be.

In this present moment: 

Sense yourself inhaling through the pores of your skin, which cover every surface of your body. Sense yourself exhaling through the pores of your skin. Lower or close your eyes for this exploration. 

Upcoming Continuum retreats this July and September at Dharmakaya in Cragsmoor, NY are future treasures. This idyllic retreat center may be the most perfect setting for Continuum movers to gather for soul satisfying, heart supportive, tissue releasing, Covid-safe practice for overall well-being. 

Presenting artist and Continuum teacher Barbara Mindell’s complete body of paintings – new to our galleries – is a treasure from the past. Steep yourself in artistry delivered from the process of Continuum.

Our hope is to support your creative flourishing in all times!

The Watermark Arts Creative Team

Elaine Colandrea, Artistic Director

Prue Jeffries, Creative DirectorSandra Capellaro, Galleries AdministratorRori Smith, Editor & Writer