Suzanne Wright Crain on Continuum & Creativity

ElaineContinuum & Creativity Interview Series

Artist & Continuum teacher Suzanne Wright Crain on the intersection of health, science, creativity and Continuum, with images of her Living Water paintings.

Suzanne Wright Crain on Continuum & Creativity from Watermark Arts from Watermark Arts on Vimeo.

Watch another video in which Suzanne teaches how to create Living Water Art

Continuum & Creativity interview with Suzanne Wright Crain (video transcript):

The way that Continuum has informed my art…well first of all, when I came to Continuum I had a severe injury in my cervical spine, a compression injury with a reversed curve. And I couldn’t really focus on doing art because I was going to the chiropractor every other day. I could only move my head this far to the right and a little bit further to the left. In the first 10 minutes of my first Continuum my atlas goes back in! So I think, okay great, I fixed myself! Then I got really curious. And then as soon as I started working with the fluid system and I got the connection…I was out at my creek in Kentucky painting. I put these really large gesso pieces of linen, not stretched or framed, just plain, into the creek and pulled them out. And then I paint from that living water. I just got one day: oh my god, the water in me and the water in the creek and the water in the painting was all connected.

Right before we went into our dive – this was January 2013 – Lucia says, “the sacred likes to move in a figure eight.” Just like track that in. And that’s where my dive started. What happened was it just shifted into the imaginal immediately, and all of a sudden there were like boulders under me supporting my sacrum and my sacrum found ground. So the bottom part [of the cloth in the video] is about that shift where it starts to, and then it started to move. And as I was just kind of coming up, my spine just in a moment it became a sedum (the plant sedum), so you can see it’s like my spine became that.

I think without Continuum I wouldn’t have had the skill set to really be with myself, helping me land in my own gifts.

So for the scientific mind that is thinking this is all kind of out there, we have approximately between 70 and 200 trillion cells in the body. There are antenna-like structures called cell receptors that sit on the cell membrane. Well, it turns out some of these cell receptors have the ability to respond to imaginal stimuli. That’s from Dr. Bruce Lipton. It’s like, I know how to turn those, I know how to work with those. That’s where we collaborate, where science and Continuum and the imaginal realm and creativity come together.