This Ocean Within: A Continuum Mystery School Offering

Indiana Thunderstorms Speak with Tropical Skies

Winter Thunderstorms Contemplate Sunrise

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Suzanne Konnersman was born into a Catholic family and raised in the rolling green hills of Southeastern Indiana. She and her five siblings were given an extraordinarily broad education in childhood through exposure to the arts, world cultures, and the beauty of nature, with an emphasis on healthy lifestyle and natural medicine.

In 1998, at age 17, Suzanne was seriously injured in a road accident in Kansas and not expected to survive due to a ruptured aorta and severed spinal cord. She lived through being airlifted and a 12-hour surgery. The prognosis was paralysis at the level of T7/T8.

Shortly after her injury, Suzanne learned about Continuum as an innovative therapy for spinal injury. She studied and practiced with many teachers, including Emilie Conrad. In 2007, Suzanne embraced the traditional Catholic Latin Mass, became a student of St. John of the Cross and, for a decade, lived as a “hermitess.” During this time, she immersed herself in theological, philosophical, and literary studies, along with continuing her practice of herbal medicine, culinary arts, and music. In 2010, Suzanne and her family opened the Kessing Haus Café as a storefront for providing their handcrafted foods and medicines, along with music and educational events. After closing the business in 2021, she has continued to live in the historic building, hosting occasional community events.

How Continuum Informs My Art

Continuum informs my very existence. It gave me back my life, returned me to my body and my body to me. Because Continuum is so deeply intertwined with my daily life, and has been for over two decades, a request came from my community to write about my experience with Continuum as a spinal injury protocol. This request was also inspired by two books of poetry I published in November and December of 2021, “Indiana Thunderstorms Speak with Tropical Skies” and “Winter Thunderstorms Contemplate Sunrise,” along with musical collaborations and sharing Continuum with a fellow musician. I have responded to this request in my third book of poetry, “This Ocean Within: A Continuum Mystery School Offering,” which deeply speaks to how Continuum has informed my creative expression.