Sharon Weil on Continuum & Creativity

ElaineContinuum & Creativity Interview Series

How “to ride the wild waves of creativity” with Continuum, from our long time West coast colleague Sharon Weil – author, activist, filmmaker & creator of the Ageless Body. From the Watermark Arts Continuum & Creativity video series. (3 min video) 

Continuum & Creativity interview with Sharon Weil (video transcript):

I consider Continuum to be an art. It’s an artful practice. We bring in a lot of science, we bring in a lot of biology to understand the nature of nature, but our approach is very artful, it’s very elegant. It’s the design of the sequences, the way in which the breath weaves with different movements. It is an artistry: every time you’re going into a dive it’s you weaving an artistry. So yes, absolutely, I feel like those of us who are participating in Continuum and teaching Continuum are artists, movement artists.

Initially, I was a screenwriter and now I am both a novelist and a writer of nonfiction books. And I would say that one of the main ways that Continuum has informed my writing process is to allow me to enter the story from any portal. You know, we court the unknown in Continuum. We learn how to enter through our armpit, through our elbow, through our knee. Do this sound, do this breath and see what happens. And when you’re a writer, you have to follow where you’re led. You know, maybe a sentence drops and maybe a character drops in, and the ability to follow that. Even if you don’t know who the character is or why this sentence dropped in – the ability to follow it, to track it, to stay with it, to stay the course, is absolutely something that I’ve learned in Continuum.

We are working with change – our changing nature is in the fluids. The ability to stay the course, to find an impulse and be able to ride it to its conclusion. Or to be able to write it as it banks right and left and up and down, to hold on to that impulse, or that sentence, or that story, as you’re receiving it takes a lot of stamina, like physical stamina, to really be able to receive the flood of the writing when it comes to you and to be able to take it to its conclusion. And so Continuum has taught me not only how to harness and stay the course, but also how to grab on for almost any ride and go.