Fougaro Nafplion

Admin Artist Video, Nana Simopoulos

A Greek women power trio with Nana Simopoulos on guitar, Vasso Dimitriou bass guitar, Ioanna Mitsoglou drums.  At the grand opening of Fougaro, in Nafplion October 2012.

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Traveller (video)

Admin Artist Video, Lois Walden

A glorious tour de force, an album of Lois Walden’s original songs, sung with passion and vibrancy accompanied by a collage of brilliant performers.  Lois was co-executive producer, and participated in all the arranging, mixing and production.

Lois Walden and Paul Buchanan: Everyone’s Gonna Be Saved

The Spirit Soars

Admin Artist Video, Elaine Colandrea

The Spirit Soars – Emilie Conrad from Continuum Movement Arts on Vimeo.

“The Spirit Soars,” an 8-minute video featuring Emilie Conrad, visionary founder of Continuum Movement, on the intimate and essential process of making art. Our launch date, June 14, 2014, celebrated what would have been Emilie’s 80th birthday. Although Emilie did not live to see our efforts come to life, she was fully aware of our work to start an arts movement inspired by Continuum. Emilie enthusiastically supported our efforts, and through her voice and her dances, Emilie is present here.