The Evolving Heart / Il Cuore in Evoluzione

A Continuum weekend with Elaine Colandrea exploring the heart as a center of knowledge, as an organ of reciprocity and exchange.

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A Moving Inquiry: The Art of Personal Practice

A Moving Inquiry: The Art of Personal Practice is an invitation to discover the inherent gifts of living an embodied life. 

Beginning February 16th 2021, this 7-week course is also an introduction to Continuum, the somatic movement modality that has informed, infused and inspired my own movement practice, as well as my teaching, writing, relationships and professional life for the past four decades. 

Continuum is an inquiry into the nature of all movement.  It invites you to directly experience your body’s interconnectedness with the wholeness of life.  The simple yet profound practices we will explore in this course make an art form of dissolving constraint, welcoming the liberation of the entire person at every level.

Using breath, sound, and somatic movement, you are invited to enlarge your capacity to live from the inside out – your capacity to move, speak, think, love, play and work as a fluid organism in a bio-intelligent world. Stepping outside of the cultural models of “body” and “shape” you discover the deep inner world of flourishing life that reveals itself with grace and ease.

Continuum has revolutionized the role of somatic movement in health, education, relationship, physical fitness, creativity and spirituality. I am honored and delighted to share this work and guide you in creating life-enhancing personal movement practice.

This course is for anyone who longs to more fully inhabit this life, and anyone who senses the need for more authentic, embodied engagement in the world we share. All are welcome.

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