A Body of Peace

A Body of Peace

The Spring 2022 newsletter begins with a message from Elaine:

“Peace, not only the absence of war.”

This line from ‘Making Peace’ by poet Denise Levertov gave me pause to consider, How does peace live in me? How does war live in me?”

As a person who has lived in relative safety much of her life, I have little reason to direct aggression outwardly. Nonetheless, I have experienced conflict within me, as self-hatred and shame. These war-like feelings have diminished over my years of Continuum practice – not from a direct approach at resolution – more as an outcome of growing other qualities in what I name as my “self.”

I name some of these qualities as a felt experience of peace: A golden thread of tranquility bringing ease within. I sense peace as a movement that allows me to dissolve boundaries between myself and others. I sense peace through the act of communion with the world around me. Even when I am frustrated and angry, this vein of peace flows in me, at times only a subtle glimmer, at other times like a radiant sun. Becoming a body of peace – even when disturbed, even when unwell – I still sense the possibility of peace within. 

Where else can peace begin if not in my own being? 

I don’t feel virtuous or noble in this investigation, nor do I feel like I know what I am doing. My efforts are a drop of water in a peace-parched landscape, like tears of grief while bearing witness for others’ pain. Yet, the pursuit of peace – embodied within and with others – feels like a sacred inquiry. 

To this end, with Watermark Arts, we create opportunities for somatic explorers to join together in peaceful communion with self, others, and the world. Please join in these embodied explorations of discovery. We create them to be shared with you. 

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Elaine and the Watermark Arts Creative Team

Elaine Colandrea, Artistic Director

Prue Jeffries, Creative DirectorSandra Capellaro, Galleries AdministratorRori Smith, Editor & Writer

Fluid Artistry ~ World Water Day

Fluid Artistry ~ World Water Day

World Water Day is March 22, 2022. 

In honor of the myriad life supporting qualities of water, we share with you My Body, The Wetland, a video with narration from the Watermark Arts Journal, WaterSense.

In addition, we bring you artfully captured water imagery by photographer Tuan Pham and Cosmic Blue from poet Noelle Adamo, an ode to the potential of our fluid artistry.

On World Water Day, as well as every day, may we commit to protecting water sources, from the waters within us to the waterways worldwide.

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Elaine and WM Arts Creative Team

Elaine Colandrea, Artistic Director

Prue Jeffries, Creative DirectorSandra Capellaro, Galleries AdministratorRori Smith, Editor & Writer

Dharmakaya Retreat

Dharmakaya Retreat

Fluid Anatomy, Fluid Movement, Fluid Life: A Continuum In-Depth Retreat

September 15 – 18, 2022

Elaine Colandrea, Continuum Guide

Fluids are the primary life supporting substances within our bodies as well as in all living systems on the planet. In this program you will use the Continuum process of breathing, sounding, and fluid movement to work with your own health and wellbeing, connecting with nature’s life force; it’s the perfect antidote to today’s overly programmed and homogenized world.

To highlight our connection with the natural world, this workshop will be offered in the covered Outdoor Pavilion at Dharmakaya, therefore space is limited to 16 participants. Continuum experience encouraged.

The somatic practice of Continuum lays the path to the direct sensory experience of our fluid anatomy. The breath and sound explorations cultivate fluid movement, opening us to greater physical and psychological freedom. Continuum empowers a deep knowing of how to live with fluid grace in a mutable world – whether we are adapting to cultural shifts, health concerns, the aging process, or the changing circumstances of a pandemic world.

The self-guided pace of the workshop develops inner authority. In an atmosphere of rest and renewal, participants let their own biological awareness be the template for self-healing and self-growth.

Continuum is of interest to many fields of inquiry, including but not limited to, health care practitioners, activists of all kinds, educators, artists and all those who choose to thrive in a co-creative process with the earth itself.

The natural landscape and serene beauty of the Dharmakaya Center and its outdoor pavilion offers the perfect setting for this personal exploration.

Information & Registration


Creative wellbeing in community: Omega gathering, Summer 2022

Creative wellbeing in community: Omega gathering, Summer 2022

A message from Elaine:

Megan Bathory-Peeler, my cherished colleague and collaborator, has eagerly joined me in planning Elemental Movement for Creative Wellbeing, a 5-day retreat at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY:
June 26 – July 1, 2022. 

Elaine: After a two year hiatus due to the pandemic, I am thrilled to have you collaborate with me to facilitate our return to Omega

Megan: It feels more necessary than ever to gather in community with our colleagues and fellow lovers of Continuum.

Elaine: For our fifth retreat at Omega since 2016, the faculty will fluidly guide participants in the sensate experience of the elements. Air, Earth, Fire and Water are well represented throughout the restorative Omega campus, providing us with the ideal environment to connect symbiotically with nature.

Megan: Yes, it’s that grounding into a deep connection with nature that brings participants back to Omega. People are called to return because of the alchemy that occurs during our communal workshop explorations, along with the nurturing interactions at meals, on the trails, at the lake, at the bookstore and cafe, which inspire and sustain us through the rest of the year.

Scroll down to meet the illustrious faculty. We all look forward to welcoming you to Omega 2022. Registration is limited to allow for a spacious and safe workshop environment – indoors and outdoors on the covered porch. Omega has made many adjustments to keep us healthy and comfortable, as our relationship to the pandemic continues to evolve. Please register early to secure your place.

Looking forward to the warmth of summer and your smiling faces,


Read the newsletter here.

The Artistry of Water

The Artistry of Water

The Artistry of Water from Watermark Arts on Vimeo.

The Artistry of Water, written and narrated by Elaine Colandrea and Prue Jeffries is a journey of interconnection through exploring Continuum, Craniosacral Therapy, Water, Art and the creative process based on a dialogue between Elaine and Prue from The Watermark Arts Journal 2018 Inaugural Issue – The Artistry of Water.

Filmed and Edited by Prue Jeffries
Music By Morena Boschetto
Continuum Movers: Elaine Colandrea, Prue Jeffries
Continuum Movers
Elaine Colandrea
Prue Jeffries
Continuum Italia Movers at Gufi e Allodolei, Monteveglio
Simona Arbizzani
Laura Balbi
Alessandra Cacciari
Mirco Dondi
Cinzia Russo
Naomi Walker
Patrizia Bellardi

Waves of Gratitude

Waves of Gratitude

This month we share a wonderful short film, The Artistry of Water, 
in which Continuum is shown to nourish our relationship with nature.

As we take our first breaths in 2022, please join me on January 1st for 
Waters Within: Continuum Breath, Sound & Movement Meditation. Rebirth is the theme of this free 90-minute online workshop.

I wish to send three waves of gratitude to mark the spirit of the season.

Thank you to all Watermark Arts artists:

Your somatic artistry is a source of inspiration.

Thank you to the Watermark Arts Creative Team: 

Your talents make Watermark Arts flow with beauty and grace.

Thank you to all viewers and participants:

 You make us whole.

May we continue to move together – and be moved by each other,


Elaine Colandrea, Artistic Director

Prue Jeffries, Creative DirectorSandra Capellaro, Galleries AdministratorRori Smith, Editor & Writer

Read the newsletter and watch the video here.

Watermark Arts returns to Omega!

Watermark Arts returns to Omega!

Elemental Movement for Creative Wellbeing: A Continuum Retreat

Workshop Organizers: Megan Bathory Peeler & Elaine Colandrea 
Co-faculty: Robin Becker, Ellen Cohen, Melanie Gambino, Bonnie Gintis, Elisabeth Osgood-Campbell, Linda Rabin

June 26 – July 1st, 2022

Registration is now open!

Embody the qualities of earth, air, water, and fire through the practice of Continuum. Allow the primordial aspects of nature to unfold via movement, breath and sound practices, taking us on an expansive journey inward to discover the elemental self. Cultural patterns dissolve, liberating our innate biological capacity for innovation in the face of global crisis and personal adversity. 

During this restorative retreat, the practice of Continuum awakens the body’s fluid capacity for healing, insight, and creative engagement. Guided movement sessions, periods of silence, and opportunities for community exchange awaken our inherent interconnection with nature. Reclaiming this sense of belonging empowers the manifestation of meaningful contributions in the world. 

This weeklong retreat is suitable for educators, health-care practitioners, artists, activists, and all who wish to sustain themselves from a state of wholeness and well-being.

Workshop Facilitators:

Megan Bathory-Peeler: Workshop facilitator Megan Bathory-Peeler is an expert somanaut, fully engaged by the moving inquiry of what it takes to thrive in a human body and within the human experience in the 21st century. Her unique Somanautiko approach synergistically weaves together three decades of professional interdisciplinary study and practice as a teacher of Continuum, Certified Somatic Therapist/Educator, bodyworker, choreographer, performance artist, activist, and mother. Megan’s greatest pleasure comes from co-creating safe spaces that allow people of all ages to return home to themselves, reclaim the power of their own creativity, and find ease in the innate wisdom of their bodies.

Elaine Colandrea: Workshop co-organizer Elaine Colandrea explores how the somatic arts shape consciousness, informing and inspiring the creative process as well as fostering connections between self, others and nature that organically create a more humane world. Artistic Director of Watermark Arts, as well as a movement artist, Continuum teacher, somatic educator and massage therapist, her work has been deeply influenced by her association with Emilie Conrad, founder of Continuum. Her abiding passion is bringing people together to directly experience the body’s transformative capacity.


Robin Becker, MA, RSME, RSMT is an internationally recognized teacher, dancer, choreographer, and founder of Robin Becker Dance. Her teaching weaves together her lifelong experience in dance, 30-year study of Continuum with Emilie Conrad and Susan Harper, 40+ years of experience in meditation and contemplative healing practices, and study with Gary David in Epistemics and Affect Script Theory. Robin was selected by Emilie Conrad to be a Continuum teacher in 2001. She currently teaches at Hofstra University and leads movement workshops nationally and internationally.


Ellen Cohen’s experience as an improvisational dancer developed her respect for the sacredness of the moment and the wisdom that can emerge from the unconscious. Her passion is to welcome what is present for each student and synthesize that with Continuum’s rich and vast possibilities. There is always movement, even in stillness. The music of the spheres exists, even in silence.



Melanie Gambino is a Continuum teacher and a Registered Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist. Continuum is the basis of her work and life. A performer from age 3, Melanie combines the fine performing arts with the healing arts and education. She is Resident Choreographer and Director of Dance and Somatic Movement/Meditation in the Performing Arts Department at The Harvey School and teaches Continuum on the faculty at SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Dance.


Bonnie Gintis lives in northern Vermont. She has taught worldwide, addressing a wide variety of people interested in exploring embodiment through Continuum and Osteopathy. Bonnie’s approach to Continuum is informed by her experience as an osteopathic physician, 25 years of explorations with Continuum, and her lifelong meditation practice. She devotes herself to teaching, writing, and exploring new ways to foster health and wellbeing. She is the author of Engaging The Movement Of Life: Exploring Health And Embodiment Through Osteopathy And Continuum, as well as many popular articles.



Elisabeth Osgood-Campbell is an expressive arts therapist and somatic movement educator who cherishes the Body as an on-going, creative process. A member of the Continuum Teachers Association and the Tamalpa Institute faculty, she facilitates embodied awareness practices for groups and individuals across the lifespan, and across the world. Elisabeth also serves as the Co-chair for the Equity, Justice and Accessibility Task Force and the Research and Publications Committee of ISMETA. 


Linda Rabin teaches Continuum in her native Montreal, Canada. Her love of movement and teaching Continuum is informed by a lifelong career in contemporary dance, training in Body-Mind Centering® and other somatic practices.

A tribute to Jean-Claude Van Itallie

A tribute to Jean-Claude Van Itallie

In this season of Thanksgiving, I want to celebrate and remember author, actor, playwright, translator and vibrant human being Jean-Claude Van Itallie, who passed away on September 9, 2021.

A seminal force in the 1960’s Off Broadway theater scene, a devoted Buddhist, a lover of Continuum and a grand supporter of the vision of Watermark Arts, I was heartbroken to learn of Jean-Claude’s death.

Jean-Claude performed with Watermark Arts in Los Angeles, New York City and at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck NY. His intensity is captured in Kafka’s Ghost, a video excerpt where he brings text by Emilie Conrad to life. We also share with you a reading by Jean-Claude from Emilie’s book Life on Land from a 2021 online Watermarkings.

In recent years, Jean-Claude collaborated with lyricist Lois Walden to create the opera Mila, Great Sorcerer. Lois shares intimate memories of working with Jean-Claude in JC and ME.

I will always treasure my times with Jean-Claude at his beloved Shantigar Foundation in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts, a landscape he cared for with the precision and thought he brought to all his endeavors. One of his last actions ensured that the nature at Shantigar would be forever protected in a land trust.

In 2016, the name Watermark Arts came to me in a dream while I was teaching at Shantigar. A day after learning about Jean-Claude, in my grief, I sent him a video message which I now share with you below.

Dear JC, as you travel into the unknown, the love and respect of the many whom you influenced goes with you…

Artistic Director, Watermark Arts

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Feast on a Banquet of Artists

Feast on a Banquet of Artists

In this season’s newsletter, three artists join Watermark Arts this season. Hailing from across the globe, each artist represents a different medium of
creative expression.

  • Ruth Wieder Magan of Israel gifts us her truly unique wild female voice.
  • Binda Colebrook of Massachusetts joins us with her Earth-centered visual offerings.
  • Penny Allport of British  Columbia invites us to connect with the essence of life through her somatic poetry.

Below, sensory-rich morsels of each artist’s work tempt you to visit their full online offerings carefully prepared by Galleries Administrator Sandra Capellaro.

I am happy to welcome each artist and more than pleased to invite you to see, hear and be touched by their creations.

Wishing you well in this season of shorter days and longer nights,


PS: With gratitude to all who joined our October 31, 2021 Community Journal Event! Journal ordering information is included below.

The Watermark Arts Creative Team

Elaine Colandrea, Artistic Director

Prue Jeffries, Creative DirectorSandra Capellaro, Galleries AdministratorRori Smith, Editor & Writer
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Share Fall’s Bounty: The Watermark Arts Journals in print

Share Fall's Bounty: The Watermark Arts Journals in print

The Fall 2021 Watermark Arts newsletter has details about the upcoming celebration of the print editions of the Journal. Read the newsletter here.