Moving Art Cards

You are art, Living Art

Elaine Colandrea

The Moving Art Cards' 36 different awareness practices

are drawn from my years of teaching Continuum.

Inspired by Prue Jeffries' photographs

from around our planet, which you can see below.

The intention is to create an artful home practice

that extends a class/workshop experience where

breaths and sounds are directly learned from a teacher.

Moving Art Cards' first edition is a set of 36 living art

experience cards wrapped in a silver organza bag,

that you can take with you anywhere.

Your purchase of the Moving Art Cards

is a tax deductible donation to the Watermark Arts Fund.

~ Elaine Colandrea, Artistic Director & Continuum Teacher

  • Red Rose ~ Monteveglio, Italy

  • Weaving ~ Sicily, Italy
  • Fennel ~ Matera, Italy

  • Poppy  ~ Encinitas, California

  • Comunicare con la natura  ~ Tuscany, Italy

  • Unveiling ~ Mt Shasta, California

  • Leaf in Water No 1. ~ Australia

  • Moving Center ~ Encinitas, California

  • Desert Wave No. 3 ~ Utah, USA

  • Offering Australia

  • Effervescence ~ Sydney, Australia

  • Mirabalis ~ Bologna, Italy

  • Light Black Water, Australia

  • Crucible ~ Australia

  • Mist ~ Riomaggiore, Italy

  • Lichen ~ Australia

  • Mirabalis Duo ~ Bologna, Italy

  • Potent Space ~ Sydney, Australia

Moving Art Cards exhibit of Prue Jeffries photos and photo art, gathered from around the world. 

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Moving Art Cards can be purchased for a tax deductible donation of $30.00, all contributions above and beyond also welcome.

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