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Michael has a varied life within the arts community. All of it involving movement, music and poetry. He trained and worked professionally both as an actor and contemporary dancer in Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa. Michael is also an independent choreographer and has toured internationally. Though all those years of performing and creating, Michael has been accompanying dance as a percussionist at the Toronto Dance Theatre, and for noted teachers, Peggy Baker, Risa Steinberg, David Earle, to name a few. Michael formed the improvisation-based group, SOM – Sound of Movement, in 2016. They play to live audiences and use dancers, poetry and visual arts as their score. He is presently working on his third album as singer-songwriter: Joe Slowater. It’s a follow-up to his latest releases, I Just Live Here (2017) and Time is Now (2021).


How Continuum Informs My Art

Michael came to the Continuum practice in 2017 and it has influenced all aspects of his life. This has been especially true when it comes to the themes in his creative pursuits. Coming to Continuum later in life reconnected many felt sensations experienced as a dancer that had been forgotten but not lost. For Michael, Continuum sometimes feels like an encouraging companion, opening up deeper understandings, revealing previously unexplored terrains that support new concepts and directions. To him, listening and seeing go hand and hand with Continuum and the processing of creative energy. Michael is pursuing Continuum as a teacher and hopes to one day offer it to many other adventurous travellers.