Melanie Gambino on Continuum & Creativity

ElaineContinuum & Creativity Interview Series

Interview and performance footage of Continuum teacher, dancer & choreographer Melanie Gambino. 

Melanie Gambino on Continuum & Creativity presented by Watermark Arts from Watermark Arts on Vimeo.

Continuum & Creativity interview with Melanie Gambino (video transcript):

We are in a world that is grasping for attention. And at the same time being overly medicated for not having enough attention – so attention deficits. Continuum helps you to slow down. It values the idea of space. It values – through breath sound and movement and deep inquiry – the development of awareness. The answer is really within, I mean, the answer is here. And if we could use ourselves, this amazing, unfolding, creative, juicy organism as our laboratory and as our theater, then we could maybe not be so reliant on everything else in the universe to tell us who we are and if we’re okay.

When I think of creativity, I think of the beginning, and I think of the mystery. And to me, each breath, each micro-movement, each wave, each sound, each connection, each time I go into the silence, I’m able to connect with that mystery. Continuum offers not only a way to support that kind of a practice, but sequences and explorations that help us dive even deeper into what is already there from the beginning.