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Lumini Merced has been involved in healing practices and creative endeavors most of her life. She has trained extensively in shiatsu, authentic movement, continuum, and expressive arts. She has facilitated movement workshops, taught bodywork classes, and been a shiatsu practitioner. She has degrees in biology and dance from the University of California, Irvine, and has studied modern dance in New York City. She makes her home in the mountains of North Carolina.

Lumini finds inspiration and rejuvenation in wild places, where she enters into communion with the living presences of earth, water, air, fire and space. She is especially fond of the ocean, where the vast seascape draws forth spontaneous movement, chant and prayer from her. Lumini believes that the more we can attune to our bodies, the more we can attune to and honor our planetary body and the greater web of life. She is dedicated to ever-deepening embodiment.

During the creative process, I experience my body as a vessel of transmission and expression. I empty myself, open to the unknown, and listen for inner stirrings and whisperings from other dimensions. I allow impulses and ideas to flow through me, while simultaneously guiding the forms they take.
My somatic studies, especially Continuum and Authentic Movement, have deepened my capacities for being receptive and responsive, for following the emerging sensations of aliveness, and for engaging a full dynamic range. Somatic awareness has been essential for me to address trauma, cultivate resiliency, and open to subtlety and mystery. My artistic endeavors have become more satisfying and soulful through years of embodiment practice.