Linda Rabin on the “diamond essence” of dance

ElaineContinuum & Creativity Interview Series

Dancer, choreographer and rehearsal coach Linda Rabin describes the “diamond essence” of dance – Continuum. (2:30 min.)

“Continuum speaks to the artist in me. The creative adventure inherent in this practice stimulates every particle of my dancer being, awakening me to the movement of life as art.” ~ Linda Rabin  

The Diamond Essence of Dance: Linda Rabin on Continuum & Creativity from Watermark Arts from Watermark Arts on Vimeo.

Continuum & Creativity interview with Linda Rabin (Transcript):

Continuum really feeds the dancer in me. When I speak of Continuum as representing the diamond essence of dance what that means for me is that I feel the origins of movement from the most particle level layers, cellular level, energy level, whatever you want to call it, but it’s a real source that infuses every particle of my being. When I think of dance in the conventional sense I call it the artifice of dance, the art of dance. And when I speak of Continuum for me it feels this is it, it’s not artifice – it’s life.

As far as my creative process goes, what I notice is I need a lot of unstructured time, not in the moment of actually getting down to the work but before I get down to the work. It’s remarkable, the amount of things that I get done around the house that end up being what I call my preparation. And then, when I get close to the crunch, I find myself getting down to my workroom, lying on the floor [with] my notebooks, my images, books that I like to reference, and I just lie down and I start to tune in. And then in the process some inspiration comes. Then I’m home free. So, we’re not lazy as artists really, we’re just preparing the ground. [laughs]

I feel inherent in Continuum the role of aesthetics. I don’t even know how that comes to be, but perhaps just if I’m sounding and I feel the sounding through my whole being. It’s an experience. And it’s an experience of life, and that in itself is an expression of beauty. Life is beauty. I don’t know how else to put it, maybe that’s it.