Light as Air – an Interactive Art Exhibit

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A note from Elaine

As our lives adapt in response to a virus which profoundly affects the breath of humanity, I am drawn to share with you an inquiry on the element “Air”.

How do the movements of air, within us and around us, provide both symbolic and biological nourishment?

While we all learn to navigate in radically altered life circumstances, I offer this newsletter as a gentle current of fresh air for you to inhale.

From the Watermark Arts galleries, I invite you to meditate on somatically-inspired artistic expressions of Air. Along with artwork, poetry, music and dance, there are invitations to inhabit your own breathing – the most primary and defining movement of life.

At this time, I do not know if the beautiful offering we are planning at the Omega Institute this summer, The Somatic Movement Summit V: The Elemental Nature of the Body, will be able to occur in its proposed format. Omega, the faculty and I continue the planning process. If you are also hoping to participate in this event, please reach out. It would be helpful to know of your interest.

In the meantime, I offer you soul-sustaining art and somatic practice.



Image above: Niki Berg, Threads of Grace 4

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