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A note from Elaine

You and I are self-generating, like the earth itself.  As part of nature, we are constantly renewing ourselves with nourishment from the elemental forces that make up all life.

This process is called autopoiesis and the practice of Continuum leads us into highly attuned awareness of its generative undercurrents. Breath, sensation and inner impulses of movement are primal, primary expressions of autopoietic life.

At this critical juncture in our highly industrialized, tech-dominated and climate-challenged world, we invite you to consider this question with us…

What happens when we apply the wisdom of our autopoietic selves to environmental problems, group dynamics, family life, and how one moves in the world as an activist/advocate, artist or teacher?

This inquiry is the passionate heart beating at the core of Watermark Arts and the theme for our retreat at Omega 2020. Join our Continuum communitas in July to listen deeply for five days to the forces of renewal within you, so hungry to reveal solutions for restoring a way of being in which you and all nature thrives.

This month, our somatically informed artists share their sensuous, vibrant world visions with you. ChiaroScuro, filmed by Prue Jeffries on the limestone landscape of Matera, Italy, is an elemental setting that resonates with my soul. The earth wombs, caves that were once sea beds, cradled Claudia Catani, Naomi Walker and me. Niki Berg’s new gallery Threads of Grace weaves generations of embodied experience into “a quilt of global humanity.” Beth Pettengill Riley’s poem Human, Being is a timely testament to embracing our role in the earth’s continual rebirth.

In this season of the heart, I offer you what I love most in the world.

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