Joy – a Vital Nutrient


A note from Elaine

May you move artfully into 2020!

Bringing forward creative expressions and new questions that arise from embodied, fluid, somatic exploration is our pleasure and purpose at Watermark Arts.

This final newsletter of 2019 features art films capturing what is deeply meaningful to me and at the heart of all Watermark Arts activities: the melding of art, nature, and collaborative creation. We debut Joy on Broadway, filmed in a NYC park on a 29 degree December day.

Whether you watched a video, came to a performance, contributed to our galleries, perused A Moving Inquiry, played with the Moving Art Cards, immersed yourself in our Journal, or attended the Somatic Movement Summit at Omega, we are grateful for your engagement with our endeavor to make the world a more harmonious place through somatic practice, inquiry and the arts.

As the decade comes to a close, we wish you quiet repose as well as unbridled joy,

Elaine, with the Watermark Arts Creative Team

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