Is the secret to slowing down time being in unknowing?

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With great excitement, I announce that Watermark Arts now holds the archive for artist Barbara Mindell’s lifetime of painting, drawing and writing. Our upcoming 2023 Journal will feature Barbara’s work. Until then, please enjoy a selection of her paintings below and view more on her gallery page.

Decades ago, Barbara was the first artist to help me see the potential of somatic experience to inform creative practice. Watermark Arts is indebted to Barbara’s mutually inspirational relationship with Continuum founder, Emilie Conrad. These two amazing women sparked each other to greater realms of creativity and innovation. Deep gratitude to Dennis Matthies for trusting Watermark Arts to oversee Barbara’s archive.

With this announcement we are also welcoming two more artists with roots in Continuum – writer Suzanne Konnersman of Indiana and Toronto-based musician Michael Menegon. View their creative work and learn about their fascinating life journeys below. 

As this is our final newsletter of 2022, we wish to thank you for joining us in our myriad activities throughout the past year. We look forward to continuing our engagement with you in 2023. 

Happy Holidays,

Elaine and the Watermark Arts Creative Team

Elaine Colandrea, Artistic Director

Prue Jeffries, Creative DirectorSandra Capellaro, Galleries AdministratorRori Smith, Editor & Writer

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