Harness Water’s Wisdom to respond to global challenges

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A note from Elaine

Water Wisdom, the third installment in Watermark Arts’ elemental art exhibit, is a tribute to the transformational powers of water. Our bodies are saturated with this extraordinary substance. Immerse yourself in Water Wisdom and bathe in your innate potentiality

As 2020 began, fires raged in many parts of the world. Watermark Arts responded with the Water Blessing Project, our yearlong dedication to life-giving water.

Now as Midsummer approaches, life beckons us to step into nature and reconnect with nourishing Water Blessing experiences, whether individually or responsibly in a small group.

As you convene with water, consider harnessing its wisdom to respond to the global challenges of this time. For many, fire has returned this week, setting streets and souls ablaze. Our hearts go out to all who are affected by long-standing racism.

In our search for reducing fragmentation and restoring wholeness, the practice of becoming like water offers a path of inquiry. We hope our gallery serves as a resource.

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Please join us,

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Image: Prue Jeffries, CosmoBeing. Image below: David Gilbert, Immersion