Gain a powerful perspective on health: A message from Elaine


During an evening of “silence” last July at Omega, something ignited in me. A vision of the next workshop suddenly welled up, complete with theme and title, along with a deeper understanding of the importance of Continuum retreats.

Somatic Movement Summit June 30 – July 5, 2019
The Creativity of Health, Mirroring Nature
A 5-day retreat for personal renewal. 

A space to engage with others to bring forth collective wisdom.

I am fascinated by how new forms emerge out of the creative flux generated when people come together. For the past three years, I have collaborated with colleagues to prepare the summer’s workshop, and I have witnessed the ideas and experiences that occur in the flow of somatic community at Omega. These fruits of somatic intelligence then spread out to our individual communities.

The Creativity of Health, Mirroring Nature will build on the past and be its own unique event. What new approaches to health, to communication, to education, to art, politics and social life will emerge from this gathering of diverse individuals in all their somatic intelligence?

I am also delighted to launch a new video series, “The Creativity of Health”, from Watermark Arts. First up, an interview with Kori Tolbert, describing the enlightened ways Continuum supports her in living with cystic fibrosis, a condition that challenges her breathing on a daily basis.

For me and all of us at Watermark Arts, creating the Somatic Movement Summitat Omega is a way of transmuting our love of movement into something that heals the world.

In that spirit, I would love for you to join us.
Elaine Colandrea, Artistic Director

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