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Eunmi Kuk is a dancer, choreographer and teacher, deeply influenced by the practices of Feldenkrais and Continuum. Based in Seoul, Korea, she is the Director of Soom movement as well as Spacesoma.

Kuk studied dance at the Ewha Women’s University (BA, MA) and NYU Tisch School of the Arts (MFA). In 1998 she joined The Yard Residencies in the United States and was a soloist at Darmstadt’s Staatstheater during the 1998~1999 season. In 2002, she and her husband, film director ByungChul Kwon, founded Soom movement dance company in Seoul. Soom means “Breath” in Korean. Her movement education and healing center Space Soma was opened in 2017.
Kuk has choreographed, danced, and taught at various universities for over 20 years. She teaches Contemporary Dance, Improvisation, Feldenkrais, Aikido, and Fluid Body inspired by Continuum.


Somatic practice (Feldenkrais, Continuum) and creative process:

Bodyfulness, mindfulness through movement, and being present on the stage is the main theme in my dance performances. I first encountered Feldenkrais in 2002. Because of how it helped me to organize myself in a holistic state of mind and body, senses and movements, I began working on improvisation based on Feldenkrais principles in earnest as of 2007. Feldenkrais could be a training method for dancers to improve their sense of gravity, both as it goes through their own body and in contact with touching other bodies.

My introduction to Continuum was with Linda Rabin’s class in Montreal in 2015. Continuum opened my self-image and my imagination widely. The most wonderful thing about Continuum is the endless exploration of my movements, my body, and the molecular pieces of me heretofore unknown. The infinitely unfolding world, arriving over and over in open attention with a sense of self beyond limits, made me realize how much I had been confining myself to certain figures and movements. Continuum frees my form and flows like water. I performed a solo piece at the 92nd Street Y in 2015. The title was “The Reverie of Water”.  

My journey of dance is an ongoing interweaving of family life, performance, and teaching.