Enjoy the fruits of our fall art harvest


The change of seasons is upon us, here in the northeast. This October 4-6, I return to Shantigar to offer a weekend of Continuum and creativity with teaching artists Megan Bathory-Peeler and Jean-Claude van Itallie. The theme, “Being with Trees”, draws inspiration from the expansive, forested Shantigar landscape.

Knowing that forests world-wide are being decimated, Megan, Jean-Claude, and I are choosing to dedicate this year’s Moving Body workshop to our partners, the trees. Every inhalation takes in oxygen created by trees; every exhalation gives trees carbon dioxide. Please join us, and the gracious trees, for this annual workshop during the glorious autumnal season in northern Massachusetts.

Until then, I invite you to feast on the visual and poetic creations of two new artists, longtime Continuum movers Deborah Mutschler and Gisela Stromeyer. I am delighted to feature their works here and welcome them to the online galleries of Watermark Arts.

We are also premiering a new video to our collection sharing the lively Watermark Arts outdoor performance at Omega this past July.

And be sure to check out our photo gallery below, featuring world-wide recipients of the recently-published A Moving Inquiry: The Art of Personal Practice and Moving Art Cards. Both creations guide people in the practice of Continuum, artfully.

Wishing you breath, movement, and art,

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