Dancing with Trees, Breathing with Life


A note from Elaine

Here in the Hudson Valley, the leaves have fallen. The trees stand revealed as their trunks, branches, and ever more finely dividing stems. In the branching forms viewed through my window, I realize I am seeing the structures within my own lungs, only on a larger scale. Branching is a universal pattern, expressing an elemental movement toward greater exchange, closer intercommunication – the ability to generously give and widely receive.

This newsletter brings you two new “branches” from our ever-growing video collection. First, we give you Tree Tryst, danced last July at Omega Institute, partnering Continuum movers with a grove of pine trees. Next, as part of our series on the Creativity of Health, author and Continuum teacher Ashima Kahrs speaks of how Continuum gave her the ability to go beyond the limits of what she thought was possible in recovering from a stroke that had occurred decades ago. This is a living example of how increasing intercommunication informs the healing process and optimizes health.

I am also delighted to announce the Omega 2020 faculty for what will be our fifth Somatic Movement Summit: The Elemental Nature of the Body, July 19-24, 2020.  My collaboration with these 12 amazing teachers sets in motion a collective teaching design which offers a lively planning process, enhancing the experience for all workshop participants.

In the spirit of exchange and communication,


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