Continuum & the Creativity of Health with Megan Bathory-Peeler

ElaineContinuum & the Creativity of Health Series

The “artistry of healing” inspires the work of Continuum teacher, bodyworker & dancer Megan Bathory-Peeler. (3.47 min)


Continuum & The Creativity of Health interview with Megan Bathory-Peeler (video transcript):

I really came into my work and identity as a healer through injury and curiosity, raised as a dancer. So the artistry of healing is really what I practice and what I endeavor to awaken in everyone that I come into contact with. It’s not something that’s special that I have as a healer. My job is to help awaken that and reconnect people to that birthright and support their self-healing and recognize that we are living, moving works of art.

“I see healing at its best is a whole creative art.”

The gift of the practice, and really the gift of the life philosophy, has deepened and brought together, interwoven everything that I do, from my performance work to my healing work. They were always connected but having that supportive continuum has just made it completely one piece of fabric. So I see creativity as one of the most sacred and healing things that anyone can participate in. And I see healing at its best is a whole creative art and whole creative act for being able to help people drop into sensing and feeling, what’s happening inside their own bodies and help their nervous systems get out of the every-day level of functioning into the deeper layers of territory that we really need to access for transformation, for awareness, for change. And my work is greatly facilitated by having the client participate with me. So, using sound, using breath, using even subtle movements to help them settle and be able to work on what it is that’s getting in their way. What are the restrictions that are preventing them from being fully who they want to be. While I’m tracking through my hands and listening and seeing into their bodies it’s just the most magnificent dance ever, and the efficiency of the work has dramatically shifted, since I first embodied the practice of Continuum for myself and then brought that into session work.

We are particles within this amazing web of the universe, and we’re no different than anything else. And that just inspires me to see how Continuum inspires and reminds people how to live as creative beings.