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Breathe, Move, Create at Shantigar

Breathe, Move, Create at Shantigar


Moving Body: being with trees

A weekend workshop with Elaine Colandrea, Jean-Claude van Itallie and Megan Bathory-Peeler


OCTOBER 4-6, 2019

Take a weekend to slow down among vividly colored trees.


Breathe, Move, Create

Moving slowly, spontaneously in Continuum, gently guided by teaching artists, awaken the ocean of awareness within.

As the Amazon’s forests are decimated, and our climate suffers human-made catastrophe, we dedicate this Moving Body workshop to our friends the trees.

Movement Sessions with seasoned Continuum teachers.

Channeling your moving body into forms of creativity.

Quiet times to metabolize, meditate, and muse among Shantigar’s trees.

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