Celebrating the convergence of Continuum and dance

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Dear Friends,

In this month when I celebrate 66 years of life, I am intrigued by the spiral form of the number 6. Spirals allow a pathway on which an organism may develop while staying close to a central source of nourishment.

For me, movement expression is that sustaining source – my root, my life-long umbilical cord, my place of origin. A few decades ago, Continuum and dance merged in my world. This confluence is the sacred realm in which I am most alive, whole, and at one with the creative flow of life itself.

I trace this line of my ancestry to founder of Continuum, Emilie Conrad (1934 – 2014), who was also born in the month of June. Emilie was a dancer whose quest to know life through movement birthed the process called Continuum. In the last months of her life, Emilie shared with me her thoughts on the power of creativity to enhance each of our life experiences, which became “The Spirit Soars,” included below.

My passionate interest in the convergence of Continuum and dance is shared with a community of movers, some of whom have generously shared their insights in interviews and dances included in this mailing.

Lastly, included is a new essay on the many ways Continuum can be a foundational practice for dancers, and all moving bodies.

In this season when nature is so visibly expressive, I am pleased to share this bounty with you.

Let’s all spiral onward together,
Watermark Arts Artistic Director

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