Unveiling Continuum, with Elaine Colandrea

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“I don’t know how to define what a ‘life force’ is, but I know when I feel really alive.” – Elaine Colandrea (4 min.)

In words and movement, Elaine Colandrea on how Continuum helps her “meet the moment to moment unfolding of life,” an essential skill for meeting the challenges of life in this fast paced, often overwhelming, world of options. Continuum develops “inner authority” by connecting with the most primary level of knowledge – the sensory systems. Includes demo of the life force itself in motion after preparing with a breathing and sounding preparation – this movement expression is unique to each person, each time – and a source of renewal.

“Direct experience” is the only way to understand Continuum: consider giving yourself a personal retreat within community to explore “The Creativity of Health, Mirroring Nature, the theme of the Somatic Movement Summit at Omega, June 30 – July 5, 2019.

Produced by Watermark Arts, 2019, 4 minutes.
Video filming/editing:Hannah Tobias

Mirroring Nature — A Continuum Meditation in Movement

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The growth patterns of all life forms, from plants to animals,
involve folding, unfolding, spreading and gathering.
Continuum movers explore these universal fluid movements
in the Medicine Wheel at Gufieallodole, Monteveglio, Italia.

Filmed & edited by Prue Jeffries for Watermark Arts. With Elaine Colandrea (US),
Mirco Dondi (IT), and Naomi Walker (FR). Original music by Morena Boschetto (IT).