Watermarkings: Barbara Schaefer


Artist Barbara Schaefer created “they were all there, homage to my father, Max Schaefer”, a video with a sound score recorded from a Continuum workshop with Emilie Conrad.

The sound score features the group working with the sound of “EEE.” Every sound has a shape, its own way of creating vibration and a different effect on our fluid filled tissue.

To enhance your somatic experience while viewing the video, place your hands lightly on the sides of your face. As you exhale, make an “EEEE” sound. The “EEE” sound can be soft or strong, whatever feels right to you. Repeat the “EEE’s” for 3 – 6 exhalations, noticing the vibrations, as well as the shifting scene in your face, body and awareness.

Alternate intervals of the “EEE” sound with periods of sensing yourself, inviting and allowing movement responses while viewing this richly textured visual and aural video experience.

Experience “they were all there…” by artist Barbara Schaefer


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Watermarkings: David Gilbert


“Nature’s Embrace,” a new gallery of artworks by David Gilbert

As you view “Nature’s Embrace,” feel your sit bones anchoring you like tree roots. Let your torso & head sway from side to side as you slowly exhale. Let each exhalation, like a gentle breeze, shift your direction, melting your core body. Moving slowly with your breathing, shifting directions as feels good to you, let your inner nature and the nature of David’s images, embrace you. [……]

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