Welcoming artist, poet Amber Elizabeth Gray

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Dr. Amber Elizabeth Gray is a human rights psychotherapist and a pioneer in the use of Dance Movement Therapy, Continuum and Somatic Psychology with complex trauma, political violence, and disaster. She leads eco-somatic retreats with humans, animals, and the earth and ocean mothers, to inspire embodied regenerative activism.




Comfort is mirrored
In your gaze. Refuge is this
Familiar place. Friend.

Visit Amber’s gallery for her full bio and more haiku.

“Writing haiku anchors me to my soul when the ocean becomes a tempest.” ~ Amber Elizabeth Gray


Welcoming poet Gisela Stromeyer

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Gisela Stromeyer is a well-known artist (published in many books, magazines and viewed on TV), as well as a healer and teacher. She was formally trained as a dancer, architect and healer. Most recently, Gisela published a book called “just like that: Poems, Paintings and Practices”.  Visit Gisela’s page here.

Welcoming artist Deborah Mutschler

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Deborah Mutschler is a consultant to nonprofit and public entities focused on bringing together cross-disciplinary groups to solve problems together, and on thinking with organizations about ways to manifest their missions in all aspects of their operations. She has been consulting since 1990 and began practicing Continuum in 1994.  Visit Deborah’s artist page here.

Watermark Arts welcomes Lali Jurowsky

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Lali draws, paints, and sculpts, using various art apps to create on tablets, do collages, photograph and record videos.  View her artist’s page here.

“More than something I teach or practice, Continuum has expanded my perception of the world, both internal or external. Continuum is present in every moment of my life. What lies beneath the creations are sensorial experiments, information that rises from the depths of my tissues and the expression of somatic experiences.”
– Lali Jurowsky

CellHeart , Em, Aesop Revisited, by Lali Jurowsky
See more of Lali’s work on Watermark Arts

Welcome to filmmaker Hanna Heiting

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To understand more about Emilie Conrad and Continuum – and how to live a creative life – watch “Em Moves” from filmmaker Hanna Heiting, who we are excited to welcome to Watermark Arts in our current newsletter.  Visit Hanna’s artist page here.

“My interests lie not in talking about Continuum but in finding ways to express as honestly and simply as I can what touched me most about it as a transformative and creative process.” ~ Hanna Heiting

Welcoming artist Raine Brown

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“I experience Continuum as a form of inquiry, an invitation in and through what I may perceive as known to the unknown. I often journey to a formless space, the ground of all emergence, from which writing may arise as expression.”

Visit Raine’s Gallery. Visit Raine’s website, HeartAwakeMindfulness.com.

Hidden Warrior video poem. Written, edited, narrated & sounded by Raine Brown. Continuum inspired poetry. Mindful movement meditation

Watermark Arts welcomes dancer Rebecca Lawson

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Watermark Arts is happy to welcome dancer Rebecca Lawson.

“The practice of Continuum has helped me to deeply open my capacity to listen to what is calling to be expressed. By diving into the endless unfolding and the ongoing discovery of our fluid nature, the creative process of movement is amplified. In a sense, I am being choreographed instead of doing the choreography.” – Rebecca Lawson

Visit Rebecca’s Artist Page.

See Rebecca’s gallery www.watermarkarts.org/artists/rebecca-lawson/[ad_2]

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Beth Pettengill Riley joins the Watermark Arts Creative Team

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Beth Pettengill Riley, Watermark Arts Education Advisor, has broken ground in re-visioning physical education to encompass the felt sense of lived human experience. Beth teaches Continuum and is also an accomplished poet; you can drink in some of her poetry on our website. In 2017 she co-taught, with Watermark Arts Associate Director Priscilla Auchincloss, the online Continuum course A Moving Inquiry: The Art of Personal Practice, now being made into a workbook (stay tuned – an excerpt will be available to Omega participants,
with pre-order open to all soon).

Brilliant blue sky, penetrated by moving monarchs-
Two dancing mid-air around my head
Admitting, in their delicate beauty,
That celebratory grace IS the pulse of the planet.

~ excerpt, “The Five O’Clock Creek”, by Beth Pettengill Riley