A Year of Creativity and Health

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This newsletter brings you the 2019 Watermark Arts Journal, 56 pages of words and images culminating our yearlong exploration of Continuum & the Creativity of Health.

The Journal offers an in-depth conversation between Bonnie Gintis, D.O., and Elisabeth Osgood-Campbell, accented with transformative, somatically-informed images from Watermark’s galleries.

We invite you to dive with these eloquent guides to the center of the interconnection of creativity and health, to emerge with a fresh perspective on the very nature of health, revealed in specific ways that Continuum practice contributes to the healing process.

Beautifully designed by Prue Jeffries, this issue of the Journal is also translated into Italian by Annalisa Dondi and Simona Arbizzani, as well as into French by Naomi Walker.

Appropriately, the 2019 Journal is home to our complete Creativity of Health video series, including the newest interview with human rights psychotherapist Amber Elizabeth Gray.

Holding all the best for your well-being,

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The Watermark Arts Journal, Vol. II: Continuum & Creativity: Poetry, Art and Interviews

AdminWatermark Arts Journal

We are delighted to bring you Watermark Arts’ Fall 2018 Journal, a commingling of words and visuals offering you the sensory-rich and beauty-filled possibilities of somatic-inspired art.

The Journal opens with Beth Pettengil Riley’s reflections on a lifetime of writing, movement and Continuum. Included is our video interview with Beth on the creative process.

Next, we feature eight works by Watermark Arts’ poets. Journal designer Prue Jeffries has delved into the artistic wealth of Watermark Arts to find visual images to accompany each of the poems.

The final section brings together the remaining 10 interviews of our “Continuum & Creativity” series. These video gems, ranging 2-6 minutes each, let you watch and listen as artists describe the intimate process of creation informed by movement.

Whether you immerse yourself all at once or dip in from time to time, there is something here to move you and draw you closer to the sensory flow of life.

The Artistry of Water: The Watermark Arts Journal #1

AdminWatermark Arts Journal

Watermark Arts brings together somatic awareness and

artistic expression in the belief that both are essential aspects in creating a more humane and peaceful world.

The word soma, from the Greek somatikos, implies a fullness of presence in the living, sensate, wholeness of bodily being. With awareness of the integrity of the body, comes a felt experience of the interconnection of all living things as part of a larger whole.

In our modern, technologically-advanced era, somatic explorers exist near the cultural edge, holding this way of wholeness in the face of a widespread and pervasive sense of fragmentation.

Artists, too, live at the edge of culture, working with revolutionary ideas and symbolic messages encoded in dance, poetry, stories, music and visual art. As culture creators throughout history, artists have brought about substantive, peaceful change in society.

These times call on us to become generators of the culture we wish to live in. Creative acts show up in all aspects of life ? in art, in teaching, in community-building. Watermarks asks, What happens when these creative acts are informed by somatic awareness? Can we bring into being a world permeated by a sense of wholeness and interconnection?

We invite you to join us.  Read more.