Poetry, Continuum & Creativity

AdminFrom the Watermark Arts Journal

Stormy here in the northeast US, a good time to drop into Beth Pettengill Riley’s featured article, “Poetry, Continuum & Creativity” (excerpt below) from the latest Watermark Arts Journal. Beth is a long time carrier of Continuum, a poet, dancer & singer, who is passionate about somatic education, president of ISMETA, Watermark Arts Education Advisor and faculty for the Somatic Movement Summit, June 30 – July 5, 2019 at Omega in Rhinebeck, NY.  Read more.



ElaineFrom the Watermark Arts Journal

Poems & art speak to my soul; here is Theta from Raine Browne with The Language of Wet Sand by photographer Tuan Pham, pg 26 from Watermark Arts Continuum & Creativity Journal, designed by Prue Jeffries.

Dive into the full Journal here goo.gl/vPwNpv

My Body of Water

AdminFrom the Watermark Arts Journal

To close 2018, sharing some pages from Watermark Arts Continuum & Creativity Journal. Journal designer Prue Jeffries paired poetry and art, giving each another level of meaning. An excerpt from My Body of Water by Noelle Adamo with Nature Nurture by David Gilbert.

Peruse full Journal at https://goo.gl/vPwNpv page 15 for Noelle and David Gilbert.