Human, Being by Beth Pettengill Riley

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Skin trembling day after day,
Heart fumbling out a new rhythm,
Unsettled by the news
Sorrow seeping into bones,
Crevices deep with ancient holding and fear
Being swirled up in this moment of uncertainty

Red-shouldered hawk arrives again for winter refuge,
Bigger this year, more majestic,

Impossible to ignore,
Swooping through canyons outside the living room window.
His cries pierce the morning sky:
A warning?

“Live closer to what is natural:
the rhythm of light and dark;
the drawing in and down of winter”
A call to quiet rest.

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Threads of Grace by Niki Berg

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A Photography Project about Women, Words and Ancestors

“Threads of Grace” is a continuation of my interest in women and their ancestors and how words can impact the visual expression.

These portraits are of women from a variety of backgrounds, who have chosen one word that represents and connects them to the past.

This connection serves as a transmission from their ancestors to today.

I see this work as a kind of energetic threads—a quilt of global humanity in which generations are woven together by Threads of Grace.

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John Bianculli: “Exploring Continuum is like playing and creating music”

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“Exploring Continuum is like playing and creating music. I love how the field of Continuum is like music in so many tangible, organic, sensual and mysterious ways.  Like a jazz musician who listens deeply, explores, learns, and improvises in the moment, I respond and adapt to what’s there in my inner and outer world moment by moment…moving with it, into it, around it…and then all of a sudden I am outside of time.”

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