What ignites you? Fire, the great transformer

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A note from Elaine

Fire, the great transformer, is the fourth and final installation in Watermark Arts’ Elemental Art exhibit. Whatever fire touches is altered forever by the intensity of its blaze. Yet, fire is a vital part of life’s rhythm. Just as we inspire and expire, we ignite and extinguish.

I often associate fire with creative passion, which led me to reflect on the meaning of these words:

  • heat: energy transferred from one body to another
  • art: the transfer of human imagination to an expressive form
  • heat + art = heart: the vital part or essence of a body or form

Is fire at the heart of the creative spirit? What sparks your curiosity and interest? What ignites you?

In the spirit of renewal,


PS – Stay tuned for dates announcing two exciting Zoom film premieres. Watermark Arts will bring you Celebrating Susan Harper, Celebrating Continuum Montage and Materadancescapes.

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Harness Water’s Wisdom to respond to global challenges

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A note from Elaine

Water Wisdom, the third installment in Watermark Arts’ elemental art exhibit, is a tribute to the transformational powers of water. Our bodies are saturated with this extraordinary substance. Immerse yourself in Water Wisdom and bathe in your innate potentiality

As 2020 began, fires raged in many parts of the world. Watermark Arts responded with the Water Blessing Project, our yearlong dedication to life-giving water.

Now as Midsummer approaches, life beckons us to step into nature and reconnect with nourishing Water Blessing experiences, whether individually or responsibly in a small group.

As you convene with water, consider harnessing its wisdom to respond to the global challenges of this time. For many, fire has returned this week, setting streets and souls ablaze. Our hearts go out to all who are affected by long-standing racism.

In our search for reducing fragmentation and restoring wholeness, the practice of becoming like water offers a path of inquiry. We hope our gallery serves as a resource.

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Please join us,

Elaine ColandreaPrue JeffriesSandra CapellaroRori Smith
Artistic DirectorCreative DirectorGalleries AdministratorEditor

Image: Prue Jeffries, CosmoBeing. Image below: David Gilbert, Immersion

EarthArt Exhibit, deepening connection to our primal home

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Dear friends,

First and foremost, I hope this newsletter finds you well.

With joy I bring you EarthArt, the second installation of Watermark Arts’ elemental art exhibition. This four-part series features photographs, film, haiku, poetry and movement meditations through which to deepen your connection to our primal home, Planet Earth. I hope EarthArt provides you with nourishment and support just as the ever-present ground beneath us provides the many nutrients we need for life on earth to flourish.

With sadness I am letting you know that Somatic Movement Summit V: The Elemental Nature of the Body at The Omega Institute will not occur this summer due to the pandemic. For many, the summit is a special time and place to share with a kindred community where we drop deeply into our internal nature. I am reminded of a quote from Bahauddun, father of Rumi, “What moves in the heart gathers and becomes manifest.” I know in my heart the impulse and energy of the summit gathering will take new forms for this new time.

From the NY Hudson Valley, where spring greenery is emerging from the moist and muddy earth,

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Image above: Niki Berg, The Flowers – Three Poppies

Light as Air – an Interactive Art Exhibit

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A note from Elaine

As our lives adapt in response to a virus which profoundly affects the breath of humanity, I am drawn to share with you an inquiry on the element “Air”.

How do the movements of air, within us and around us, provide both symbolic and biological nourishment?

While we all learn to navigate in radically altered life circumstances, I offer this newsletter as a gentle current of fresh air for you to inhale.

From the Watermark Arts galleries, I invite you to meditate on somatically-inspired artistic expressions of Air. Along with artwork, poetry, music and dance, there are invitations to inhabit your own breathing – the most primary and defining movement of life.

At this time, I do not know if the beautiful offering we are planning at the Omega Institute this summer, The Somatic Movement Summit V: The Elemental Nature of the Body, will be able to occur in its proposed format. Omega, the faculty and I continue the planning process. If you are also hoping to participate in this event, please reach out. It would be helpful to know of your interest.

In the meantime, I offer you soul-sustaining art and somatic practice.



Image above: Niki Berg, Threads of Grace 4

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