Bobbie Ellis on Continuum & Creativity

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Bobbie Ellis on how Continuum awakened her to writing poetry (2 min video.) The vision of Watermark Arts is to create cultural change from somatic inspired art. Bobbie expresses that vision in one line from her poem “The Well of the Lotus”.

“Can we begin to Respond from fluid wisdom.”

Bobbie Ellis on Continuum & Creativity, from Watermark Arts from Watermark Arts on Vimeo.

Bobbie Ellis on Continuum & Creativity, from Watermark Arts

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Continuum & Creativity interview with Bobbie Ellis (video transcript):

I wouldn’t say that I was a writer before I did Continuum. I think Continuum allowed me to write. The practice of Continuum, the wordless expression of sensory spaciousness, the pleasurable way that we can be in our body through the practice, has allowed me to access something that I didn’t have before in terms of how I express myself through writing.

Something has to be stirring me, it’s almost like a muse that comes through. When I was in a dive, I would start getting these creative imageries, or impulses, or I would connect to something in nature, or with myself, or even having a different relationship with something about my life. That started to come about in words in my mind and so I just started writing them down. I like the collaboration because it feels like the poem has an aliveness in me, but then it becomes alive in someone else moving it and then the creativity that happens through the music.

So if you want to get some real juice you want to feel the fluidity of your own process, you want to have more courage and feel something underneath you that’s moving. I think it’s important that you do Continuum. Continuum gives me courage because it allows me to have more of myself. So the courage is just being authentic. You know, allowing more of myself to come through in what I’m doing.