Tree Tryst

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“Tree Tryst” performed at Pine Grove at Omega by Bea Ehrsam, Lauren Grady, Nicole Faustini, Melanie Gambino, Lila Greene, Meredith Johnson, Elisabeth Osgood-Campbell, Rori Smith, and Kori Tolbert.

Moving Art Cards

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Red Rose

Inspired by Prue Jeffries’ nature photographs from around our planet, the Moving Art Cards awareness practices are drawn from Elaine Colandrea’s years of teaching Continuum. The intention is to create an artful home practice that extends a class/workshop experience.

The first edition is a set of 36 living art experiences wrapped in a silver organza bag that you can take with you anywhere.

Your order of the Moving Art Cards is a donation to the Watermark Arts Fund.

Read the newsletter here.  Learn more about Moving Art Cards here.

The Somatic Movement Summit at Omega


The Somatic Movement Summit at Omega
The Creativity of Health, Mirroring Nature
Our biology, like all of nature, is inherently creative.
All living systems move towards growth.
Explore your inner nature in the
fertile Hudson Valley of New York.
June 30 – July 5, 2019

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Unveiling Continuum, with Elaine Colandrea

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“I don’t know how to define what a ‘life force’ is, but I know when I feel really alive.” – Elaine Colandrea (4 min.)

In words and movement, Elaine Colandrea on how Continuum helps her “meet the moment to moment unfolding of life,” an essential skill for meeting the challenges of life in this fast paced, often overwhelming, world of options. Continuum develops “inner authority” by connecting with the most primary level of knowledge – the sensory systems. Includes demo of the life force itself in motion after preparing with a breathing and sounding preparation – this movement expression is unique to each person, each time – and a source of renewal.


Unveiling Continuum (video transcript):

We live in a time where you can google, you can look up anything. What I feel is missing is something that can be found in somatic practice. Because in somatic practice what we’re really doing is, we’re googling ourselves in the practice of Continuum. I drop into the most primary level of awareness, my senses, my breathing.

I think when most of us think about our inner world, we think about the cognitive mind, the way we think, the actions of the neocortex. This is a later evolutionary development. Before that was the limbic system, our emotional world. But somatic practice takes us into a deeper, more ancient system of knowing, developing inner awareness, an inner authority, a trust, a confidence in how to meet the moment to moment unfolding of life.

In Continuum there are breath, sound and movement guidelines, we call them explorations. Within the exploration each person is listening deeply into themselves to that whole inner sensory world, and shaping their movement, their experience within the guidelines. So, each person is on their own journey, their own journey of discovery, their own journey of the life force itself unfolding. Not in service to the actions of survival which are necessary and wonderful. But as a way of really resourcing, reviving, refreshing oneself. I don’t know how to define what a life force is, but I know when I feel really alive.

Continuum brings me to a place of understanding my true nature, which is the mirror of nature all around me. What happens when more people experience the sense of wholeness and interconnection? What is the impact on our cultural evolution? What kind of culture can we create from people who are somatically aware?

If you’re interested in learning how to regulate yourself so that you can move through this extraordinary fast pace – fascinating but sometimes overwhelming – world with trust in yourself with a sense of your own ground, and the wholeness of your whole being, you might consider joining me and an amazing faculty of Continuum teachers this summer at Omega for the Somatic Movement Summit.

Continuum & The Creativity of Health, with Elisabeth Osgood-Campbell

ElaineContinuum & the Creativity of Health Series

Movement educator Elisabeth Osgood-Campbell reveals the value of Continuum in navigating life’s most intense and personal experiences and shares her vision for weaving somatic practices into public education. (4 min.)

Continuum & The Creativity of Health interview with Elisabeth Osgood-Campbell (video transcript):

For me, in its essence, Continuum practice is about reorganizing or reorienting to an understanding of myself as a biological organism, rather than as a specifically human being. And that has opened up these possibilities for me, that didn’t exist before.

Continuum was profoundly resourcing for me during my pregnancies. I used specifically in my second pregnancy lots of explorations while I was pregnant. During the birth itself, magically, amazingly enough, my second son was born with his water sack intact, which is quite rare. In particular, I used the lunar breath, quite a bit during labor, which for me was aerating and dispersing to the point where I could move beyond what I thought were the edges of my limitations to tolerate discomfort, pain, and to surrender to this expanding that needed to happen in my body on a very literal level.

“There was also a surrender mentally, or in terms of my consciousness, of trusting whatever this flow was going to be after giving birth.”

There was also a surrender mentally, or in terms of my consciousness, of trusting whatever this flow was going to be after giving birth. I had the very clear sense deep in my abdomen of all the connective tissue around my uterus reorganizing after all that expansion, and it can feel very disorienting. Of course, once the child is born then our bodies have to figure out how to find a new normal. And this practice was really supportive of that process in my system.

So, a primary passion of mine is to find ways to integrate Continuum practice into educational contexts, especially for younger children, because I believe that in the trajectory of development the earlier we can offer resource and positive intervention the longer term the gains, the benefits are. Just like we are learning so much about how the human brain is plastic and can throughout the lifespan create new, not only new neurons in certain parts of the brain, but new pathways and connections. Movement and mindful movement – which is what Continuum is to me, a mindfulness practice – mitigate some of the effects of chronic stress from living in impoverished and violent neighborhoods, for example.

Continuum, at its essence for me, also is a learning practice. It is creative inquiry. And so, in my mind and in my body, it feels natural to have it explored in learning communities. I know I’m a bit of a dreamer but I do hope that the work that I do over the next 10 and 20 years can help somehow build a bridge between the world of somatic movement and creative arts and public education, particularly in elementary schools. So stay tuned.

Unveiling the Value of Fluidity


For the direct experience of refreshing your own life force, in your own way, I hope you will make plans to attend the Somatic Movement Summit: The Creativity of Health, Mirroring Nature, June 30 – July 5, at the Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY.

Some of the benefits of practicing Continuum are unveiled in the video above. Continuum cultivates the capacity to hold presence in the direct experience of movement. Movement in turn becomes meditative, fluid and artful, nurturing an ongoing sense of well-being and self-trust. This inner authority then makes it easier to respond fluidly and effectively to challenges in the world.

Watermark’s Creativity of Health video series continues with Elisabeth Osgood-Campbell, who eloquently reveals the value of Continuum in traversing some of life’s most intense and most personal experiences, such as childbirth. A life-long educator, she carries a radical vision for the somatic education of children to reduce stress and support resiliency throughout their lives.

What is our collective potential, when the deep inner knowledge that comes from somatic practice is united with the callings of our hearts and minds? From such a sense of wholeness, what new ways of being and solutions to difficult problems can emerge?

Please join me in this quest,

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Celebrating Earth Day


Celebrating Earth Day, every day ~ Continuum has given me the most felt sense of how my body and the earth’s body are an expression of one fluid stream of planetary existence.

Explore this at the Somatic Movement Summit: The Creativity of Health, Mirroring Nature, Jun 30 – July 5, 2019.

Find out more:

Continuum teacher Melanie Gambino in a photo by Hannah Tobias; photo art by Prue Jeffries for Watermark Arts.

Spring News!


The practice of Continuum is what enables me, an introvert, to reveal myself in videos, workshops, and these mailings. Today, I am riding the energy of the spring season to send you updates about emerging Watermark Arts projects.  View the newsletter here.

Please watch the short video, “Mirroring Nature“, a beautiful outcome of my recent workshops in Italy and collaborations there.

Currently underway, behind the scenes, are the stimulating, thoughtful faculty meetings taking place in preparation for the Somatic Movement Summit, June 30 – July 5, during Arts Week at the Omega Institute. Scroll down to hear what past participants say about this one-of-a-kind experience.

Also in this mailing, you can watch the newest video in the Continuum & The Creativity of Health series. Self-described “somanaut” Megan Bathory-Peeler shares how Continuum brought her dance performance and bodywork practice together into a complete vision of healing for herself and others.

Always feel free to contact me directly about the Somatic Movement Summit. Whether you are experienced in Continuum or new to this revitalizing practice of breath, sound and movement, I want to open the door for you to the creativity of health, through this immersive retreat experience.

Buona Primavera!


PS – Also emerging: Prue Jeffries and I are putting the finishing touches on the Moving Art Cards. Meanwhile, progress continues on A Moving Inquiry: The Art of Personal Practice, by Beth Pettengill Riley and Priscilla Auchincloss (with assistance from Maryanne Gallagher). We invite you to sign up below so you will be informed when each of these projects nears completion.

(Photo: Spring at Omega)

Continuum & the Creativity of Health with Megan Bathory-Peeler

ElaineContinuum & the Creativity of Health Series

The “artistry of healing” inspires the work of Continuum teacher, bodyworker & dancer Megan Bathory-Peeler. (3.47 min)


Continuum & The Creativity of Health interview with Megan Bathory-Peeler (video transcript):

I really came into my work and identity as a healer through injury and curiosity, raised as a dancer. So the artistry of healing is really what I practice and what I endeavor to awaken in everyone that I come into contact with. It’s not something that’s special that I have as a healer. My job is to help awaken that and reconnect people to that birthright and support their self-healing and recognize that we are living, moving works of art.

“I see healing at its best is a whole creative art.”

The gift of the practice, and really the gift of the life philosophy, has deepened and brought together, interwoven everything that I do, from my performance work to my healing work. They were always connected but having that supportive continuum has just made it completely one piece of fabric. So I see creativity as one of the most sacred and healing things that anyone can participate in. And I see healing at its best is a whole creative art and whole creative act for being able to help people drop into sensing and feeling, what’s happening inside their own bodies and help their nervous systems get out of the every-day level of functioning into the deeper layers of territory that we really need to access for transformation, for awareness, for change. And my work is greatly facilitated by having the client participate with me. So, using sound, using breath, using even subtle movements to help them settle and be able to work on what it is that’s getting in their way. What are the restrictions that are preventing them from being fully who they want to be. While I’m tracking through my hands and listening and seeing into their bodies it’s just the most magnificent dance ever, and the efficiency of the work has dramatically shifted, since I first embodied the practice of Continuum for myself and then brought that into session work.

We are particles within this amazing web of the universe, and we’re no different than anything else. And that just inspires me to see how Continuum inspires and reminds people how to live as creative beings.

Somatic Movement Summit: Notes from past participants

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“I’ve attended the last three Somatic Movement Summit retreats at Omega led by Elaine and an esteemed group of Continuum movement practitioners and teaching guides. I’ve left each retreat feeling the most vibrant and alive I’ve ever felt. The week-long series feeds my soul, my inspiration and my passion, for the year and beyond. Being among women and men pioneering and passionate in this field has brought me so much personal joy, growth, and support, in my being and on my path. Peers who have attended with me have expressed that it feels almost like going to camp and seeing old friends. The environment is just so rich and nurtured with love, creativity, joy, compassion, vibrancy… I wouldn’t miss it!” – Nicole Faustini, Movement Educator, Havenview Pilates & Movement, Nyack, NY

“It has been my pleasure to attend the Somatic Movement Summit retreats for the last several years. I have experienced peaks of insight, a felt sense of my physical interior life, and both tranquility and deep emotion at various moments during this special time away from everyday life. The expert group of teachers, following a common vision for the week, is wonderful at inviting the attendees to find and explore what is alive within them. Omega is a comfortable and sheltering environment, offering a lovely, natural setting for this experience. The people attracted to this work tend to be soulful and friendly, which helps to integrate the week and lead to new connections.” — Ray Greenberg, Owner, Yoga and Hanna Somatic Education Instructor

“Being able to attend the Somatic Movement Summit as a family offers us a shared language that nourishes and inspires us. We feel support pulsing through all of the teachers and participants, and this gives us a reset of connectivity that carries us back into the world. So deeply thankful!!!” – Noelle, Marc, Talia & Jonah, New Paltz, NY