Watermarkings: David Gilbert


“Nature’s Embrace,” a new gallery of artworks by David Gilbert

As you view “Nature’s Embrace,” feel your sit bones anchoring you like tree roots. Let your torso & head sway from side to side as you slowly exhale. Let each exhalation, like a gentle breeze, shift your direction, melting your core body. Moving slowly with your breathing, shifting directions as feels good to you, let your inner nature and the nature of David’s images, embrace you. Read More

they were all there, homage to my father, Max Schaefer

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This video was inspired by a dream I had shortly after my father’s death in December 1979. The background E sounds are recorded from a Continuum workshop with the late Emilie Conrad, the founder of Continuum Movement. I created the soundscape and video. It’s a meditation on death, mourning and the element of water which is fundamental to this piece as it is to all life. And most of all it’s an homage to my late father, Max Schaefer. Read More

Balinese Dancer Bonnie Simoa

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The video portion of a story broadcast on KVAL & published on KVAL.com.
Stacey Katlain: Videography/Editing
Sara Sebastian: Videography

You can view the full story here: http://www.kval.com/news/entertainment/University-of-Oregon-SOJC-JAM-LCC-Balinese-Dance-214977091.html

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Donny and Ursula

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By Sharon Weil

A romantic-mishap adventure about seeds, survival and the Spark of Activism.

You’ll never see the world the same again when outlaw guerilla gardeners, belly dancing feminists, gun-crazy survivalists, comic book heroes and even Mother Earth herself team up against a nefarious agribusiness giant who means to hold the world hostage by owning all her seeds. Through Love, Donny and Ursula are ignited to heroic deeds beyond their imaginations and mere neurotic existence, with some help from the mycelium and its mushroom messengers.

Donny and Ursula Save the World will incite you to action while you’re having too much fun. Sign up for the revolution. Go to: http://donnyandursula.com
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Emilie Conrad and Sharon Weil on Movement and Creativity

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In their full interview, Emilie Conrad, founder of Continuum, and Sharon Weil, author of “Donny and Ursula Save the World” discuss movement, creativity, trust, and heeding the call of the muse, and the writing of Sharon’s book, Donny and Ursula Save the World. (www.donnyandursula.com)

In addition to being one of the early Continuum teachers, Sharon is also a writer. She and Emilie have collaborated on numerous writing and video projects that have presented Continuum to the public. Emilie wanted to capture on video how Sharon’s writing, and her approach to character and her complex imagination have been greatly influenced by the wonders of Continuum.

For more information about Sharon Weil: passing4normal.comdonnyandursula.com,theagelessbody.com

For more information about Emilie Conrad and Continuum: http://www.continuummovement.com
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Fougaro Nafplion

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A Greek women power trio with Nana Simopoulos on guitar, Vasso Dimitriou bass guitar, Ioanna Mitsoglou drums.  At the grand opening of Fougaro, in Nafplion October 2012.

– See more at: http://nana.net/video/fougaro-nafplion/#sthash.6aVGRZxR.dpufRead More

Sept 11 St John the Divine (video)

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A Firemen’s Memorial at the Cathedral of St John the divine.  Original composition by Nana Simopoulos called “I Will Remember You” sung in six languages and performed by artists from religious faiths from around the world. – See more here.Read More