Dancing with Trees, Breathing with Life

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A note from Elaine

Here in the Hudson Valley, the leaves have fallen. The trees stand revealed as their trunks, branches, and ever more finely dividing stems. In the branching forms viewed through my window, I realize I am seeing the structures within my own lungs, only on a larger scale. Branching is a universal pattern, expressing an elemental movement toward greater exchange, closer intercommunication – the ability to generously give and widely receive.

This newsletter brings you two new “branches” from our ever-growing video collection. First, we give you Tree Tryst, danced last July at Omega Institute, partnering Continuum movers with a grove of pine trees. Next, as part of our series on the Creativity of Health, author and Continuum teacher Ashima Kahrs speaks of how Continuum gave her the ability to go beyond the limits of what she thought was possible in recovering from a stroke that had occurred decades ago. This is a living example of how increasing intercommunication informs the healing process and optimizes health.

I am also delighted to announce the Omega 2020 faculty for what will be our fifth Somatic Movement Summit: The Elemental Nature of the Body, July 19-24, 2020.  My collaboration with these 12 amazing teachers sets in motion a collective teaching design which offers a lively planning process, enhancing the experience for all workshop participants.

In the spirit of exchange and communication,


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Tree Tryst

ElaineWatermark Arts Videos, News

Tree Tryst, danced last July at Omega Institute, during The Somatic Movement Summit, Creativity of Health, partnering Continuum movers with a grove of pine trees.

Bea Ehsram, Nicole Faustini, Melanie Gambino, Lauren Grady, Lila Greene, Meredith Johnson, Elisabeth Osgood-Campbell,Rori Smith, Kori Tolbert

Choreography by Elaine Colandrea
Film and Video by Prue Jeffries
Original Music by Morena Boschetto

Ancestral Table

ElaineWatermark Arts Videos, News


A spontaneous Continuum collaboration that emerged from an afternoon walk in the calanchi of Parco Abbazia di Monteveglio, Italy -responding to the earth below and the air around us.

Continuum Movers: Elaine Colandrea, Mirco Dondi, Prue Jeffries

Filming: Prue Jeffries, Mirco Dondi, Elaine Colandrea

Video Creaton: Prue Jeffries

Music: Il palazzo interiore ( “The inner palace”) by Morena Boschetto

Poem: “Anatomy” by Noelle Adamo

Produced by Elaine Colandrea for Watermark Arts

Reducing Isolation, Creating Relationship


A message from Elaine:

With each message, my hope is to benefit your well-being.

As the light lessens each day of the fall season, evenings become a good time to watch the inspiring videos in our Continuum & Creativity of Health series.

Here we bring you Val Leoffler’s honest and wise depiction of the effects of injury and how she weaves these into a highly relational path to recovery. Upcoming videos feature human rights psychotherapist/dance therapist Amber Elizabeth Gray and My Stroke of Insight author Ashima Kahrs. Drawing on their experiences with Continuum, each offers a radical vision of healing in the face of great challenge.

It is not too late to join Megan Bathory-Peeler, Jean-Claude van Itallie, and me at Shantigar in Rowe, MA for Being with Trees, October 4-6. Connect with yourself, nature, other Continuum movers, and of course the wonderful trees, all in a beautiful setting.

As the cicadas call,

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P.S. Click here to view previously released Continuum & Creativity of Health interviews with Kori Tolbert, Bonnie Gintis, Elisabeth Osgood-Campbell and Megan Bathory-Peeler.

Enjoy the fruits of our fall art harvest


The change of seasons is upon us, here in the northeast. This October 4-6, I return to Shantigar to offer a weekend of Continuum and creativity with teaching artists Megan Bathory-Peeler and Jean-Claude van Itallie. The theme, “Being with Trees”, draws inspiration from the expansive, forested Shantigar landscape.

Knowing that forests world-wide are being decimated, Megan, Jean-Claude, and I are choosing to dedicate this year’s Moving Body workshop to our partners, the trees. Every inhalation takes in oxygen created by trees; every exhalation gives trees carbon dioxide. Please join us, and the gracious trees, for this annual workshop during the glorious autumnal season in northern Massachusetts.

Until then, I invite you to feast on the visual and poetic creations of two new artists, longtime Continuum movers Deborah Mutschler and Gisela Stromeyer. I am delighted to feature their works here and welcome them to the online galleries of Watermark Arts.

We are also premiering a new video to our collection sharing the lively Watermark Arts outdoor performance at Omega this past July.

And be sure to check out our photo gallery below, featuring world-wide recipients of the recently-published A Moving Inquiry: The Art of Personal Practice and Moving Art Cards. Both creations guide people in the practice of Continuum, artfully.

Wishing you breath, movement, and art,

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Watermark Arts performance at The Sanctuary, Omega 2019

ElaineWatermark Arts Videos, Watermark Arts Performances


Watermark Arts performance evening held at The Sanctuary, Omega Institute, July 4th, 2019 during The Somatic Movement Summit: The Creativity of Health, Mirroring Nature.

Performances & Artists

Violinist Rachel Evans performing Ciacccona in A Minor by J.H.Schmelzer

Poet Raine Brown, reading “The Soil of Myself”, with Continuum chorus Bea Ehrsam, Lauren Grady, Nicole Faustini, Lila Greene, Elisabeth Osgood-Campbell and Rori Smith.

Water Blessing, choreographed by Elaine Colandrea.
Elaine Colandrea, Bea Ehrsam, Lauren Grady, Nicole Faustini, Melanie Gambino, Lila Greene, Meredith Johnson, Elisabeth Osgood-Campbell, Rori Smith, Kori Tolbert

Melanie Gambino in Nijinsky.

Filming & Editing by Prue Jeffries