Beth Pettengill Riley joins the Watermark Arts Creative Team

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Beth Pettengill Riley, Watermark Arts Education Advisor, has broken ground in re-visioning physical education to encompass the felt sense of lived human experience. Beth teaches Continuum and is also an accomplished poet; you can drink in some of her poetry on our website. In 2017 she co-taught, with Watermark Arts Associate Director Priscilla Auchincloss, the online Continuum course A Moving Inquiry: The Art of Personal Practice, now being made into a workbook (stay tuned – an excerpt will be available to Omega participants,
with pre-order open to all soon).

Brilliant blue sky, penetrated by moving monarchs-
Two dancing mid-air around my head
Admitting, in their delicate beauty,
That celebratory grace IS the pulse of the planet.

~ excerpt, “The Five O’Clock Creek”, by Beth Pettengill Riley