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Dear Friends,

Drum roll, please.

The Watermark Arts Creative Team is exceedingly pleased to bring you Transformation, the 2023 Watermark Arts Journal! Painter and longtime Continuum teacher Barbara Mindell’s article “The Process of Transformation and the Myth of Paralysis” is featured, along with each of the paintings she completed in her lifetime.

We express our sincere gratitude to Barbara’s partner, Dennis Matthies, for transferring Barbara’s archive to Elaine, giving us the ability to share Barbara’s deeply embodied understanding of Continuum with you. Her wisdom, vibrantly expressed in words and images, is a true gift for all to receive. Hanna Wise Heiting’s poem “Death is,” written as a memorial tribute, gives considerable insight into Barbara’s passionate nature and transports us into a life well lived.

Creative Director Prue Jeffries is commended for her conception of the Watermark Arts Journal – a vehicle through which it is possible to share longform somatic writing and extensive collections of art. In this fifth issue, Prue has once again excelled at creating an aesthetically compelling publication through her artful design.

Along with Elaine, editors Sandra Capellaro and Rori Smith complete the team bringing the journal to you. We encourage you to settle in and absorb this treasure trove of somatic understanding.

As a young adult Barbara was in a life-threatening accident, which made for many challenges throughout her life. She was a true dweller on the threshold. She met every experience with total participation and always with great style. In these challenging days, may Barbara’s spirit continue to guide us.

Wishing you well this holiday season,
Elaine, Prue, Sandra & Rori

PS: Welcome 2024 with Elaine and Rori on Sunday January 7th for Intimacy with the Infinite: A Continuum Workshop. The event is free; register below to receive the link.

The Watermark Arts Team Creative Team

Elaine Colandrea, Artistic Director

Prue Jeffries, Creative DirectorSandra Capellaro, Galleries AdministratorRori Smith, Editor & Writer

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