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Intention Dance Theater 

Teri CarterTeri Carter’s creative embodiment process is informed by over 30 years of dance, improvisation and mindful body practices.

She holds a BFA and a Master’s degree in Dance. Classically trained in her teens, she expanded her studies to Contact Improvisation and Post Modern Dance. She has performed and taught dance/somatic movement across the US, in Europe, Mexico  and Asia.  She performed with Emilie Conrad in the Continuum Movement Theatre Ensemble, participates as a company member in Caryn Heilman’s LiquidBody Dance, and founded NYC’s former Mobility Junction Dance Company of mixed physical ability artists.

Teri is an authorized Continuum Movement™ teacher, Registered Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist, Body-Mind Centering® Practitioner, Tai Chi/Chi Gung Instructor, Personal Fitness Trainer, Life Performance Coach, Massage and Cranial Sacral Therapist. She is on the Boards of ISMETA and the Journal for Dance and Somatic Practices.

Teri is the founder and director of L.A.’s Intention Dance Theatre, SOMAfest, the Infinite Waves of Health and Creativity Somatic Speaker Summit (, the Somatic Movement Arts certification training program (, and the Equine Somatic Arts training program (

Teri offers classes, workshop and private sessions in Santa Monica and she resides in Canyon Country outside of Los Angeles, with her horse Sienna at the Embody Life Retreat Center.

About Continuum

“Movement is the message, and the messenger”, as Emilie Conrad observed. Our degree of freedom in life and art is revealed in the way that we move.  The refined versatility that Continuum affords both body and mind, fosters an open engagement with every circumstance of my life.  Awareness of myself as interpenetrating waves of fluid, tissue and energy allows me to shift my inner experience into an outer world “play”.  Breath, sound and subtle multi-dimensional movement helps me dive into the deep waters of the body to effortlessly emerge into the unexpected unknown, translating my teaching, performing and dancemaking into an art of being in service ~ the transmission of possibility.