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tamara melcherMy whole life has been inspired by color one way or another.  I attended the Boston Museum School as well as the San Francisco Art Institute studying painting.  I was the only woman among 9 men who began the innovative Park Place Gallery in NYC in the 60’s.  Then had a turn at designing clothing and fabrics for my own store in Soho.  In addition to painting and textiles I have explored photography and glass in meaningful ways.  Currently I’m inspired by the creativity of children and again designing fabric that begins with a drawing by a particular child and turns into a piece of fun clothing for that child.

Continuum has been essential in my process of tuning in more deeply to my body, its healing and its movement.  In the work I’m submitting, three pieces from a group of work I named Interdimensional Landscapes, my concern was to capture in photographs the slow movement inherent in melted glass.  My internal movement has a rhythm and a feeling that seems to be captured by the images of the stilled glass, as if it could start up its motion again at any moment.

I was introduced to Continuum in a workshop given by Emilie near Philadelphia in 1998.  In that workshop I met Mary Abrams and was mesmerized by an explore board demonstration she did in a weight suit.  A deliciously sinuous dark lizard she was, and I had to know more about this thing called Continuum.  I’ve studied with her ever since, and one of the great gifts of this immersion is that the lower back pain that had been troubling me for the prior 20 years gave way…gone forever!