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Sharon Weil is a healing artist, deeply engaged in the conversation about courage, possibility, and change as a writer, activist, and award-winning filmmaker. She is the author of the novel, Donny and Ursula Save the World, a quirky and political, romantic mishap-adventure about the power of Eros to burn through fears and ignite even the most reluctant neurotics to action. Sharon is also the host of the acclaimed podcast Passing 4 Normal: Conversations with Authors, Artists, Activists, and Awakeners about Seeding Change in the World. In the podcast, Sharon discusses strategies for inspiring change and implementing courage with her guests, who are fascinating, everyday heroes actively working with change in a wide array of applications. Her book ChangeAbility: How Artists, Activists and Awakeners Navigate Change is based upon the discoveries gleaned from the conversations featured in this podcast. The book’s central theme is: “Navigating change is the new stability.”

Sharon’s fascination with change and the mutability of all forms is directly informed by over thirty years as a student of Continuum. She was an authorized teacher for sixteen years. Sharon’s contribution and emphasis had been primarily on The Jungle Gym, the dynamic, fitness aspect of Continuum. In 2003, Sharon developed her fluid-strengthening program, The Ageless Body®, in order to help others meet and move with change at any age. Sharon had the honor of collaborating with Continuum founder, Emilie Conrad, on many projects that presented Continuum to the public: writings, extensive interviews, videos, and teacher trainings. Sharon’s somatic education and practice included dance, yoga, Pilates, and various forms of exercise.

Sharon’s foundation is as a filmmaker. She is a graduate of NYU Tisch School of the Arts, in Film Production. As a screenwriter, director, producer, editor, and performer, Sharon, again, plays with her love of form and her interest in the emergent, unexpected magic that always seems to arrive when we open to new possibilities.

About Continuum

My life in Continuum has taught me to enter a story from any portal or angle: from above, from below, from the side. Through the attentive tracking of movement, I have built a courage to enter without knowing where I am going, only to follow the sensation of where the movement of the story might lead. To learn not only how to ride the wild waves of creativity, but to be able to tolerate and celebrate the unpredictability of the ride—to remain curious no matter what appears—this is a true gift from the intelligence of the fluids to the writer.