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Sarah S. Kilborne is an author, performance artist, and equal rights activist. Her multi-disciplinary work has been featured in the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, Slate, Buzzfeed and other national media. She has written books for both children and adults and has performed with a variety of individuals and organizations – including with Elaine Colandrea in the 2012 production, “On the Nature of the Body,” and in successive incarnations of Elaine’s “Daughters of Asclepius.” Sarah founded the equal rights campaign Kiss for Equality and is creator and principle performer of the acclaimed show The Lavender Blues: The Story of Queer Music Before World War II.
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“Continuum is a continual source of discovery for me. I began studying with Elaine in the fall of 2010, and I remember how revelatory I found this form of movement. Continuum had invited me to follow my body, like a child following a stream. Where would my body lead me? I learned that each exploration would bring forth a different answer, a different experience, the stream within being more like an unmapped ocean, ever ready to show me more. Again and again Continuum reminds me how essential to the creative process – and to my being in general – is exploration, inquiry and flow.”