Poetry & Prose 

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Sandra Capellaro has studied with Elaine Colandrea since 2007 and performed in many of her Continuum-inspired productions. She is a mother, writer, administrator, translator and dancer based in the Hudson Valley, where she is most brought alive by immersing herself in nature. In addition, she studies and practices the Japanese healing art Jin Shin Jyutsu, akin to Continuum in its focus on deep listening.

Along with teaching me patience (“stay the course!”) Continuum has also revealed to me over the years my strong feminine side — beyond intuition and sensitivity to a more bold sensuality. Finding pleasure has opened me to the creative process. Hand in hand with sensuality came beauty, and the resulting urge to create beauty. Keats wrote that “beauty is truth, truth beauty”. As I’m transcribing my own truth in poetry and story I always come back to the body, for metaphors, but also for grounding, for comfort. Nothing compares to the power I feel when I’m fully embodied and have the guts to create, firm in the trust that beauty will shine forth. In that place of personal vulnerability we’re all connected!