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Rori Smith is a dancer, somatic movement educator, and researcher based in midcoast Maine. Rori began to study Continuum in 2014 and joined the Continuum Teachers Association in 2023. In 2022, Rori and Elaine Colandrea co-authored The Elemental Body: A Movement Guide to Kinship with Ourselves and the Natural World. They enjoy traveling to share the book with artists and movement researchers worldwide. Rori is a doctoral candidate at University of Maine, writing on the social ecology of Continuum and its performing artists.

Somatic practice, notably Continuum, opens a space in which the boundaries of the body are both honored and dissolved into the whole of experience. This space invites deep listening, pausing, adapting to change, sussing out when to yield and when to move forward in the path of resistance. Skills for the creative process and for knowing the layered nature of being human.